Manage your website

Now you have your new website. But, how do you manage it?


Your website requires two services: hosting and domain. You pay every year and pay both together. The cost of hosting is about $56 USD per year and of the domain about $10 per year.

Hosting is a service that stores your website online and make is public. On your hosting account, you can update your website and receive alerts. You can also get additional services such as a unique email for your business.

The domain is the virtual address of your website. For example:,


Updating your website

Your website is an important tool to communicate with your clients. Promote your offers, new branches, and much more. When connected to your social media, you will have maximum reach. You can learn to post information on your website. Or you can hire your designer to do the updates.

Security and updates

It is very important to have your website updated to protect your information. In addition, to update the special services on your website. Your designer can check the security status every week, every two weeks; it all depends on the features of your website.



In summary, your website requires yearly payments of the hosting and domain services. Your website will be more effective in attracting new clients when you post offers and promotions with frequency. Your website also requires checks and security updates, which many times are done by your designer.

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